Praise Team & Praise Band

Who: All Welcome
When: TBA
Where: Covenant CRC
Director: Mark Reitsma

Please see Mark if you are intersted in becoming a member of either the Praise Team or Praise Band.

Our Music Mission:

  • All music used within our worship services is to be Biblically based and God glorifying.
  • We will seek a blended approach to music style with the goal to reach all sectors of the congregation.
  • We will have a high priority for congregational singing and participation musically within our worship services.
  • We will focus to utilize and develop the musical gifts and talents within the congregation, for the purpose of bringing glory to God.
  • All those who participate in leading worship through music MUST have a personal relationship with the Lord and be subject to selection/approval of the music they sing by the music team and/or the pastor.
  • Efforts will be made to tie music into the worship theme and preaching of the Word and be subject to review by the pastor.
  • The music team will work closely with the pastor in the planning and integration of music in our worship services.
  • We will utilize varied instruments within our worship with focus to glorify God by utilizing the musical gifts of the congregation.
  • Commitment to quality/excellence. God expects our best. This must be carefully managed with the development and use of people’s gifts.