Covenant Church has a rich heritage of music in its worship services. We believe that the Bible encourages us to worship God through song. In Psalm 40:3, the Bible says: "He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God".

We also believe that the church is the "family of God". Our family consists of members from 0-90+ years of age. Within that span, we recognize that there is no one style of music that appeals to everyone. Furthermore, we believe that while our music must first of all praise and worship our God, it should also stir our emotions and be inspiring to our souls as we sing.

Therefore, it is our focus to use the best music from all ages in our worship services. We will use varied musical styles with our main focus being to select Biblical words that praise God and build up his church.

In Psalm 150, the Bible instructs us to use varied instruments to praise God. We do that also. We have a praise band that uses percussion, stringed instruments, and various wind instruments. We also have a beautiful pipe organ that helps us sing the majestic hymns of the faith.

We also use various members to lead us in singing. Our Kingdom Praise Choir, Praise Team, Ladies Rejoice, Men's Chorus (Singing Men), and varied soloists are all used in leading our singing.

We are committed to use our members talents in these areas. If you sing or play a musical instrument, we encourage you to see our Music Director or any one of our music leaders.

Music Ministries:

Kingdom Praise Choir
Praise Team & Praise Band

Do you have a solo voice? Please see Mark Reitsma if interested

Our Music Mission:

  • All music used within our worship services is to be Biblically based and God glorifying.
  • We will seek a blended approach to music style with the goal to reach all sectors of the congregation.
  • We will have a high priority for congregational singing and participation musically within our worship services.
  • We will focus to utilize and develop the musical gifts and talents within the congregation, for the purpose of bringing glory to God..
  • All those who participate in leading worship through music MUST have a personal relationship with the Lord and be subject to selection/approval of the music they sing by the music team and/or the pastor.
  • Efforts will be made to tie music into the worship theme and preaching of the Word and be subject to review by the pastor.
  • The music team will work closely with the pastor in the planning and integration of music in our worship services.
  • We will utilize varied instruments within our worship with focus to glorify God by utilizing the musical gifts of the congregation.
  • Commitment to quality/excellence. God expects our best. This must be carefully managed with the development and use of people’s gifts.