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Pastor Kendall EverettPraying for BoldnessPrayer2017-11-19 Acts 4:23-31ListenDownload
Pastor Andrew BennetThe Significance of Intercessory PrayerPrayer2017-11-12 1 Timothy 2:1-7ListenDownload
Pastor Rick Ver HagePower on the WayPrayer2017-11-05 Luke 5:17-26ListenDownload
Pastor Stan TyvollSola Fide2017-10-29 Galatians 1:6-9, 2:5-21ListenDownload
George McGovernBlessed to Be a Blessing2017-10-22 2 Corinthians 1:3-4ListenDownload
Kendall EverettHe Delivers2017-10-15 Exodus 3:1-15ListenDownload
Josh DornbosThe Time Has Come2017-10-08 John 12:23-28ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanThe Lord's Prayer: KingdomThe Lord's Prayer: Father, Hallowed and Kingdom2017-10-01 Matthew 6:9-13 & Luke 11:2-4ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanThe Lord's Prayer HallowedThe Lord's Prayer: Father, Hallowed and Kingdom2017-09-24 Matthew 6:9-13 & Luke 11:2-4ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanThe Lord's Prayer: FatherThe Lord's Prayer: Father, Hallowed and Kingdom2017-09-17 Matthew 6:9-13 & Luke 11:2-4ListenDownload
Pastor Kendall EverettCultural Well-Being2017-09-10 John 4:1-20ListenDownload
Pastor Tim BogertmanDo You See?2017-09-03 Luke 7:36-50ListenDownload
Pastor Stan TyvollGet Busy Living2017-08-27 1 Corinthians 15ListenDownload
Pastor Brad SmithBig Challenges, Bigger God2017-08-20 Matthew 14:22-23ListenDownload
Pastor Kendall EverettThe Cost of the Kingdom2017-08-13 Luke 9:51-62ListenDownload
Pastor Al SchipperGod Bless Everyone2017-08-06 Matthew 5:1-11ListenDownload
Pastor Jim BushovenDo You Have Faith in Your Prayers?Fishers of Men2017-07-30 Hebrews 11:1-6ListenDownload
Pastor Rick Ver HageWhen a Nobody becomes a SomebodyFishers of Men2017-07-23 1 Samuel 16 & 17ListenDownload
Pastor Al SchipperUp and Dusted2017-07-16 Acts 18:1-11ListenDownload
Pastor Al SchipperCome Out and Play2017-07-09 Matthew 11:2-19ListenDownload
Pastor Kendall EverettPreparing for Harvest2017-07-02 Luk 10:1-12ListenDownload
Pastor Juan GallowayThe Least, the Last, the LostFishers of Men2017-06-25 Luke 14:12-14ListenDownload
Pastor Al SchipperWho We Are!Fishers of Men2017-06-18 Acts 4:32-5:11ListenDownload
PastorJake YohannanKingdom MomentsFishers of Men2017-06-11 Luke 5:1-11ListenDownload
Pastor Al SchipperMystery2017-06-04 1 John 4:7-12ListenDownload
Pastor Al SchipperBreakfast at the Beach2017-05-28 John 21:1-14ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanThe Incomparable One!2017-05-21 Philippians 2:5-11ListenDownload
Pastor Al SchipperCrossing the Rubicon2017-05-14 Luke 4:14-21ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanNothing Can Hinder GodBiblical Battles2017-05-07 1 Samuel 14:1-23ListenDownload
Pastor Kendall EverettAre You Listening to the Good Shepherd?2017-04-30 John 10:1-21ListenDownload
Pastor Kendall EverettWho is Jesus?2017-04-23 John 9ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanA Banquet Table in the WildernessWilderness Impact2017-04-16 Psalm 78ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanThe Ultimate High Priest/ScapegoatWilderness Impact2017-04-14 Leviticus 16:1-5, 11-14ListenDownload
Pastor Ken Vander WallWho Do You Listen To?Wilderness Impact2017-04-09 Matthew 4:1-11ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanHope in the WildernessWilderness Impact2017-04-02 Hosea 2:14-15ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanSoul ThirstWilderness Impact2017-03-26 Psalm 63ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanHoned for ServiceWilderness Impact2017-03-19 Exodus 2:11-25ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanPrepared in Boot CampWilderness Impact2017-03-12 1 Kings 17:1-9ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanBlessed are the Merciful2017-03-05 Jude vs. 17-23ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Way Forward2017-02-26 Philippians 3:1-14ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonSon, You're Adopted2017-02-19 Galatians 3:26-4:7ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonBehind the VeilTo Fear the Lord2017-02-05 Exodus 34:1-9; 29-35ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonBefore God's FaceTo Fear the Lord2017-01-29 Exodus 33:12-23ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonIsrael's First AffairTo Fear the Lord2017-01-15 Exodus 32:1-35; 33:1-6ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonCovenant ObedienceTo Fear the Lord2017-01-08 Exodus 24:1-18ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonTrembling with FearTo Fear the Lord2017-01-01 Exodus 20:22-26ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Call Interrupts2016-12-25 Matthew 2:1-12ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonShepherds - A Call to Praise2016-12-18 Luke 2: 1-20ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonJoseph: A Call to Protect2016-12-11 Matthew 1:18-25ListenDownload
Stephen BrauningThe Great Commissions2016-12-04 Matthew 28:16-20ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonZechariah: A Call to Prepare2016-11-27 Luke 1:1-25ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonPower of ThankfulnessThe Ten Commandments - The Path of Life2016-11-24 Exodus 20:17ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonTruth EncountersThe Ten Commandments - The Path of Life2016-11-20 Exodus 20:16ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonTreasuresThe Ten Commandments - The Path of Life2016-11-13 Exodus 20:15ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Act of MarriageThe Ten Commandments - The Path of Life2016-11-06 Exodus 20:14ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonHuman Lives MatterThe Ten Commandments - The Path of Life2016-10-30 Exodus 20:13ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanThe Incubator of RespectThe Ten Commandments - The Path of Life2016-10-23 Exodus 20:12ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonTime-KeepingThe Ten Commandments - The Path of Life2016-10-16 Exodus 20:8-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Name of GodThe Ten Commandments - The Path of Life2016-10-09 Exodus 20:7ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonTrue WorshipThe Ten Commandments - The Path of Life2016-10-02 Exodus 20:4-6ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonIn Christ AloneThe Ten Commandments - The Path of Life2016-09-25 Exodus 20:1-3ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanThe Battle is the Lord's2016-09-18 1 Samuel 17:38-58ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanLine in the Sand2016-09-11 1 Samuel 17:1-37ListenDownload
Pastor Trever PaytonI Love You, LordFrom Pain to Praise: Psalms of Lament, Trust & Praise2016-09-04 Psalm 116ListenDownload
Pastor Trever PaytonI Will Rest in YouFrom Pain to Praise: Psalms of Lament, Trust & Praise2016-08-28 Psalm 62ListenDownload
Pastor Trever PaytonThe Pit I Dug MyselfFrom Pain to Praise: Psalms of Lament, Trust & Praise2016-08-21 Psalm 38ListenDownload
Pastor Trever PaytonUnder AttackFrom Pain to Praise: Psalms of Lament, Trust & Praise2016-08-14 Psalm 31ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanRemember Who You Are2016-08-07 Jude vs. 1-4ListenDownload
Pastor Trever PaytonGospel and Racism2016-07-31 James 2:8-9ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanDealing with Insurmountable Walls2016-07-24 Joshua 6ListenDownload
Pastor Trever PaytonGetting the Reformation Right2016-07-17 Romans 1:16-17ListenDownload
Pastor Trever PaytonThe Real EnemyEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Behavior2016-07-10 Ephesians 6:10-24ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonAccountable to GodEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Behavior2016-07-03 Ephesians 6:1-9ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonLove & RespectEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Behavior2016-06-26 Ephesians 5:21-33ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonPurity in a Gray SocietyEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Behavior2016-06-19 Ephesians 5:3-20ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonImitators of GodEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Behavior2016-06-12 Ephesians 4:25 - 5:2ListenDownload
Pastor Larry SpalinkJoy in Heaven2016-06-05 Luk 15:1-7ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGospel TransformationEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Behavior2016-05-29 Ephesians 4:17-24ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonTruth + LoveEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Behavior2016-05-22 Ephesians 4: 7-16ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonOne in ChristEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Behavior2016-05-15 Ephesians 4:1-6ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonMore Than You Can ImagineEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Belief2016-05-08 Ephesians 3:14-21ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonMystery RevealedEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Belief2016-05-01 Ephesians 3:1-13ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanBarrier FreeEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Belief2016-04-24 Ephesians 2:11-22ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor Payton...But GodEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Belief2016-04-17 Ephesians 2:1-10ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Same PowerEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Belief2016-04-10 Ephesians 1:15-23ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonChosen in ChristEphesians: In Christ Together - Our Belief2016-04-03 Ephesians 1:1-14ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod is LoveI AM God2016-03-27 1 John 4:7-12ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod is FaithfulI AM God2016-03-20 Psalm 33ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanOperation MercyI AM God2016-03-13 Psalm 103:1-13ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod is JustI AM God2016-03-06 Psalm 97ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod is EternalI AM God2016-02-28 Psalm 90ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanGod is All-KnowingI AM God2016-02-21 Romans 11:33-36ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod is HolyI AM God2016-02-14 Isaiah 6:1-8ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonHooked on JesusI AM God2016-02-07 Matthew 4:18-22ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Anti-RestRest for the Restless2016-01-31 Mark 6:30-31ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonFrom the Hand of GodRest for the Restless2016-01-17 Ecclesiastes 2:24-25ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod's Gift of RestRest for the Restless2016-01-10 Exodus 20:8-11ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanA Godly Role Model2016-01-03 1 Samuel 1ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWonderful Counselor2015-12-27 Isaiah 9:6-7ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonA World in Need of Peace2015-12-25 Isaiah 2ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonPeople in Need - Prince of Peace2015-12-20 Isaiah 26:1-6ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonProviding Father2015-12-13 Deuteronomy 8:1-18ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonProtecting Father2015-12-06 Psalm 91:1-16ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonEternal Father2015-11-29 Ephesians 1:3-14ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonYou are Empowered2015-11-22 John 14:15-21ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonYou are Commissioned2015-11-15 Matthew 28:16-20ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonI Am Adopted2015-11-08 Galatians 3:26-4:7ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanResponding to Crisis2015-11-01 1 Samuel 30:1-19ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonYou Are Invited2015-10-25 Hebrews 10:19-25ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonSet Free2015-10-18 Romans 6:1-23ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonYou Are Forgiven2015-10-11 Romans 3:9-26ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonRiver of LIfe2015-10-04 Revelation 22ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe New Jerusalem2015-09-27 Revelation 21ListenDownload
Pastor AJ SantinoGospel Surge2015-09-20 Revelation 20ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonKingdom is Coming2015-09-13 Revelation 19ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Fall of Babylon2015-09-06 Revelation 18ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonHer Feet Go Down to Death2015-08-30 Revelation 17ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonBowls of Wrath2015-08-23 Revelation 15-16ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWorship and Wrath2015-08-16 Revelation 14ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanWhat Do People Say I Am?3 Questions from God. What Are Your Answers?2015-08-09 Mark 8:22-30ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanWhy Do You Worry?3 Questions from God. What Are Your Answers?2015-08-02 Matthew 6:25-34ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanWhere are Your Accusers?3 Questions from God. What Are Your Answers?2015-07-26 John 8:1-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Beasts2015-07-19 Revelation 13:1-18ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWoman and Dragon2015-07-12 Revelation 12:1-17ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonKingdom of Christ2015-07-05 Revelation 11:15-19ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonTwo Witnesses2015-06-28 Revelation 11:1-4ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonMystery of God2015-06-21 Revelation 10:1-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonRepentance or Defiance2015-06-14 Revelation 9:13-21ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonFaith or the Abyss2015-06-07 Revelation 8:13;9:1-12ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonSilence in Heaven2015-05-31 Revelation 8:1-2ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanInterlude of Hope2015-05-24 Revelation 7:1-17ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Sixth Seal2015-05-17 Revelation 6:12-17ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Fifth Seal2015-05-10 Revelation 6:9-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Other Horsemen2015-05-03 Revelation 6:3-8ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Seals2015-04-26 Revelation 6:1-2ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWorthy is the Lamb2015-04-19 Revelation 5:1-4ListenDownload
Pastor AJ SantinoHigh & Lifted Up2015-04-12 Revelation 4:1-11ListenDownload
Pastors Payton & LymanThe Power of the Cross2015-04-05 Hebrews 4:14-16, 1. Cor. 6:19-20ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonChurch - Had it All2015-03-29 Revelation 3:14-22ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Jesus Church2015-03-22 Revelation 3:7-13ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanThe Church with the Reputation2015-03-15 Revelation 3:1-6ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Rotten Center2015-03-08 Revelation 2:18-29ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonAn Unholy Union2015-03-01 Revelation 2:12-17ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Poor Little Rich Church2015-02-22 Revelation 2:8-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Cure for the Common Cold2015-02-15 Revelation 2:1-7ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanThe Keeper of the Keys2015-02-08 Revelation 1:9-20ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonAre You Ready for the Game?2015-02-01 Revelation 1:1-8ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonFrom the Future2015-01-25 Titus 3:3-8ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonBiblical Believing2015-01-11 John 3:11-21ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonBorn Again2015-01-04 John 3:1-10ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWhose Prayers Get Answered?2014-12-28 1 John 3:21-24ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonMighty SaviorMighty God2014-12-25 Luke 1:26-38ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonDelivererMighty God2014-12-21 Proverbs 18:10ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWarriorMighty God2014-12-14 Exodus 14:10-18ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonCreatorMighty God2014-12-07 Job 38:1-7, 40:1-5ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanMighty God2014-11-30 Isaiah 9:1-7ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Meal of the KingdomWelcoming Children at the Lords Supper2014-11-27 Luke 22:14-30ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonContinued GrowthWelcoming Children at the Lords Supper2014-11-23 2 Peter 1:3-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonFor Children TooWelcoming Children at the Lords Supper2014-11-16 Mark 10:13-16ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonExamining OurselvesWelcoming Children at the Lords Supper2014-11-09 1 Corinthians 11:17-34ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonTough Love2014-11-02 Hebrews 12:4-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonFaith in the Wilderness2014-10-26 Lamentations 3:19-33ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonAppropriate Authority2014-10-19 1 Kings 21:1-19ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonTaking Notice2014-10-12 2 Samuel 9:1-13ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanFilling Vessels of Despair2014-10-05 2 Kings 4:1-10ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanGrain Marinated in Mercy2014-09-28 Genesis 41:41-57ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonShowing Kindness2014-09-21 Ruth 2:1-23ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonDoing What is Good2014-09-14 Micah 6:1-8ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonQuestions God Asks - Where Are You?2014-09-07 Genesis 3-8-10ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonQuestions Satan Asks - What Did God Really Say?2014-08-31 Genesis 3:1-7ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanAre You Groaning For GloryDiagnosing Your Spiritual Health2014-08-24 2 Corinthians 4:16-5:5ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanAre You Forgiving?Diagnosing Your Spiritual Health2014-08-17 Ephesians 4:29-32ListenDownload
AJ SantinoCan These Bones Live?2014-08-10 Ezekiel 37:1-14ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonDo You Grieve Over Sin?Diagnosing Your Spiritual Health2014-08-03 Psalm 51ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonAre The Spiritual Disciplines Important to You?Diagnosing Your Spiritual Health2014-07-27 1 Timothy 4:7-10ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonDo you Delight in the Bride of Christ?Diagnosing Your Spiritual Health2014-07-20 Philippians 1:3-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonDo You Have a Growing Concern for Others?Diagnosing Your Spiritual Health2014-07-13 Mark 6:30-44ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonAre You More Loving?Diagnosing Your Spiritual Health2014-06-29 1 Corinthians 13ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonAre You Governed by God's Word?Diagnosing Your Spiritual Health2014-06-22 Psalm 119:9-16ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanDo You Thirst for God?Diagnosing Your Spiritual Health2014-06-15 Psalm 42ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanCarry the Torch2014-06-08 Acts 2:1-13ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod's Pinky SwearLife Through the Spirit2014-06-01 Romans 8:31-39ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonBlessed AssuranceLife Through the Spirit2014-05-25 Romans 8:28-30ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGroaning in HopeLife Through the Spirit2014-05-18 Romans 8:18-27ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonKilling SinLife Through the Spirit2014-05-11 Romans 8:12-17ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWhat's on Your Mind?Life Through the Spirit2014-05-04 Romans 8:5-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonLife Through the SpiritA Study of Romans 82014-04-27 Romans 8:1-4ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Light of LifePaid in Full2014-04-20 Isaiah 53ListenDownload
Pastor Payton and LymanStainedPaid in Full2014-04-18 ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanDamaged GoodsPaid in Full2014-04-13 Acts 8:26.40ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonMan of SorrowsPaid in Full2014-04-06 Isaiah 53:1-9ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Greed AntidoteIn Greed We Trust2014-03-30 2 Cor. 8:1-15ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonPiercing OurselvesIn Greed We Trust2014-03-23 1 Timothy 6:6-10ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWatch Out2014-03-16 Luke 12:13-21ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanForgiven Much2014-03-09 Luke 7:36-50ListenDownload
Youth Pastor AJ SantinoHow He Loves Us2014-03-02 1 John 3:1ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanGod Alone2014-02-23 Psalm 62ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonChurch - God's IdeaNail it Down!2014-02-16 Acts 2:42-47ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonLegit or CounterfeitNail it Down!2014-02-09 James 2:14-26ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Double GiftNail it Down!2014-02-02 Ephesians 2:1-10ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor Payton...But More Loved Than You Can Possibly ImagineNail it Down!2014-01-26 Romans 3:21-26ListenDownload
Pastor TrevorWorse Than You ThinkNail It Down!2014-01-19 Romans 3:9-20ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor Paytontruth or TRUTHNail it Down!2014-01-12 2 Timothy 3:10-17ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod is GodNail it Down!2014-01-05 Isaiah 40:12-26ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonHealer of FearWonderful Counselor2013-12-29 Psalm56ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonMessy Christmas2013-12-25 Luke 2ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonHealer of DepressionWonderful Counselor2013-12-22 Psalm 13ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonHealer of AnxietyWonderful Counselor2013-12-08 Philippians 4:4-9ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanHealer of ShameWonderful Counselor2013-12-01 Genesis 3:1-11, 23-24ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonCompassion is CallingUn-Christian2013-11-24 Isaiah 58:1-14ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonHumbled by KindnessUn-Christian2013-11-17 Romans 2:1-4ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonPick Your PrinceUn-Christian2013-11-10 Psalm 146ListenDownload
Pastor Steve BrauningThe Good News of the Kingdom2013-11-03 Luke 17:20-21ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonPopping the BubbleUn-Christian2013-10-27 1 Corinthians 9:19-23ListenDownload
Pastor Peter ArmstrongGrow Up in Your Salvation2013-10-20 1 Peter 1:13-2:3ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonIt's Not About ThemUn-Christian2013-10-13 Luke 7:36-50ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanHe Makes No Mistakes2013-10-06 Genesis 45:1-8ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonAgenda-less LoveUn-Christian2013-09-29 1 Peter 3:15-16ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonYou Hypocrites!Un-Christian2013-09-22 Matthew 23:13-33ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonCharacter Under Construction2013-09-15 Philippians 2:12-18ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonPropelled by the Good NewsGospel Centered Life2013-09-08 Galatians 5:13-14ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonEmpowered ForgivenessGospel Centered Life2013-09-01 Matthew 18:21-35ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonFighting FairGospel Centered Life2013-08-25 Matthew 18:15-20ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonHeart IdolatryGospel Centered Life2013-08-18 John 6:28-29ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonLife-Giving RepentanceGospel Centered Life2013-08-11 Romans 12:1-2ListenDownload
Pastor Larry SpalinkOur Mission: Stay Put and Go!2013-08-04 Acts 14:19-28ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWhat About the Law?Gospel Centered Life2013-07-28 Romans 6:1-14ListenDownload
Youth Pastor AJ SantinoIdentity2013-07-21 Matthew 3:16-4:11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonBelieving the GospelGospel Centered Life2013-07-14 1 Peter 1:3-9ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonShrinking the CrossGospel Centered Life2013-07-07 Luke 18:9-14ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Gospel GridGospel Centered Life2013-06-30 Romans 1:16ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanIn The Shepherd's CareDeep into Psalm 232013-06-23 Psalm 23:5b-6ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanWalking with the ShepherdDeep into Psalm 232013-06-16 Psalm 23:4-5aListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonHe Restores My SoulDeep into Psalm 232013-06-09 Psalm 23:2b-3ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanIt's All About the ShepherdDeep into Psalm 232013-06-02 Psalm 23:1-2aListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonI Have Given You AuthorityHoly Spirit2013-05-26 Luke 10:17-24ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonManifestations of the Holy SpiritHoly Spirit2013-05-19 1 Corinthians 12:1-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGreater ThingsHoly Spirit2013-05-12 John 14:5-14ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonRight Thinkin'2013-05-05 Philippians 4:4-9ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonRuling with Christ's Authority2013-04-28 Revelation 22:1-5ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanA Royal Priesthood2013-04-21 1 Peter 2:9-10ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Truth Speakers2013-04-14 Deuteronomy 18:14-22 ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Triple Cure2013-04-07 Isaiah 61:1-3ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanThe King Renews the GardenParadise - Access Granted2013-03-31 Revelation 21, 22ListenDownload
Pastor Dave & Pastor TrevorBlood, Sweat and Tears - The Kiss of DeathParadise - Access Granted2013-03-29 Matthew 26:36-56ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe King of Creation Reclaims His GardenParadise - Access Granted2013-03-24 Colossians 1:15-20ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonA Garden Called ParadiseParadise - Access Granted2013-03-17 Genesis 1-3ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanSexual Abuse: Applying Grace to DisgraceBiblical Sexuality2013-03-10 ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanPornography: The War for PurityBiblical Sexuality2013-03-10 ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Gospel and HomosexualityBiblical Sexuality2013-03-03 Romans 1:18-27ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Sign of the CovenantBiblical Sexuality2013-02-24 Proverbs 5:1-23ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonA Gift From GodBiblical Sexuality2013-02-17 Song of Solomon 1:9 2:7ListenDownload
Pastor AJ SantinoHoly Spirit Power2013-02-10 Acts 1:8ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod's Power Through Me2013-02-03 Ephesians 3:7-13ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonReady or NotThe Kingdom of God is Like...2013-01-27 Matthew 25:1-13ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanThe ReckoningThe Kingdom of God is Like...2013-01-20 Matthew 13:47-51ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanThe ReckoningThe Kingdom of God is Like...2013-01-20 Matthew 13:47-51ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Growing SeedThe Kingdom of God is Like...2013-01-13 Matthew 4:26-29ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonFrom Small BeginningsThe Kingdom of God is Like...2013-01-06 Matthew 13:31-35ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod is Good2012-12-30 Psalm 100ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonBasking in the GlowAdvent: The Lights of Christmas2012-12-25 John 1:14-18ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonInto the LightAdvent: The Lights of Christmas2012-12-23 John 1:9-13ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonHere Comes the LightAdvent: The Lights of Christmas2012-12-16 John 1: 6-8ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanBursting into DarknessAdvent: The Lights of Christmas2012-12-09 John 1:1-5ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonA Living HopeGod Meant it for Good2012-12-02 1 Peter 1:3-9ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonOut of the Mouths of LionsGod Meant it for Good2012-11-25 Daniel 6:1-28ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor RubinghChildren Are The Church2012-11-18 Matthew 12:1-17ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanYour Pain, Their GainGod Meant it for Good2012-11-11 Esther 4:12-17ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonNo Pain, No Gain!God Meant it for Good2012-11-04 Exodus 2:1-10ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod Holds the StringsGod Meant it for Good2012-10-28 Genesis 50:15-21ListenDownload
Pastor AJ SantinoDiscover Your Spiritual Gifts2012-10-21 Galations 5:25ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanSo...Sow2012-10-14 Luke 8:1-15ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonFirm FoundationThe Sermon on the Mount2012-10-07 Matthew 7:24-29ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonDoes He Know You?The Sermon on the Mount2012-09-29 Matthew 7:21-23ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGot Fruit?The Sermon on the Mount2012-09-23 Matthew 7:15-20ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Narrow PathThe Sermon on the Mount2012-09-16 Matthew 7:13-14ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWho's Your Real Daddy?The Sermon on the Mount2012-09-09 Matthew 7:7-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonYou've Got Something in Your EyeThe Sermon on the Mount2012-09-02 Matthew 7:1-7ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonBattling WorryThe Sermon on the Mount2012-08-26 Matthew 6:25-34ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanWealth BuildingThe Sermon on the Mount2012-08-19 Matthew 6:19-24ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Hungry HeartThe Sermon on the Mount2012-08-12 Matthew 6:16-18ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWispering SecretsThe Sermon on the Mount2012-08-05 Matthew 6:5-15ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGenuine GenerosityThe Sermon on the Mount2012-07-29 Matthew 6:1-4ListenDownload
Pastor AJ SantinoThe Power of Jesus In Us2012-07-22 John 14:11-14ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonDo What To My Enemy?The Sermon on the Mount2012-07-15 Matthew 5:43-48ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonLex TalionisThe Sermon on the Mount2012-07-08 Matthew 5:38-42ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWalk Your TalkThe Sermon on the Mount2012-07-01 Matthew 5:33-37ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Not-So Great EscapeThe Sermon on the Mount2012-06-24 Matthew 5:31-32ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonRadical PurityThe Sermon on the Mount2012-06-17 Matthew 5:27-30ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWorking on Anger from the Inside OutThe Sermon on the Mount2012-06-10 Matthew 5:21-26ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanRaising the BarThe Sermon on the Mount2012-06-06 Matthew 5:17-20ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonYou Are Kingdom WitnessesThe Sermon on the Mount2012-05-27 Matthew 5:13-16ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonMore Blessed Than You ThinkThe Sermon on the Mount2012-05-20 Matthew 5:1-12ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonHelp My UnbeliefFollow Jesus2012-05-13 Mark 9:14-27ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonA Crazy InvestmentFollow Jesus2012-05-06 Matthew 13:44-46ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Cost of DiscipleshipFollow Jesus2012-04-29 Luke 14:25-35ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGo Beyond the GoldGEMS SUNDAY2012-04-22 Proverbs 16:16-17ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonA Different YokeFollow Jesus2012-04-15 Matthew 11:25-30ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Triumph of the KingReturn of the King2012-04-08 Revelation 5:1-14ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor & Pastor DaveThe Mocking of the KingReturn of the King2012-04-06 ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Entry of the KingReturn of the King2012-04-01 Luke 19:28-44ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanPromise of the KingReturn of the King2012-03-25 2 Samuel 7:1-17ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonI Love You MoreThe Love of God2012-03-18 Ephesians 3:14-21ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Shape of God's LoveThe Love of God2012-03-11 Romans 5:8ListenDownload
Pastor AJ SantinoHow Will He NotThe Love of God2012-03-04 Romans 8:31-39ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonTest Me in ThisTithing2012-02-26 Malachi 3:6-12ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanAttitude CheckTithing2012-02-19 Genesis 4:1-7, 2 Corinthians 9:6-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWhat Are You Hoping In?Tithing2012-02-12 1 Timothy 6:17-19ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonHoly to the LordTithing2012-02-05 Leviticus 27:30-33ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonPrepare YourselfMission and Vision: Go2012-01-29 2 Timothy 2:15ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonTraining vs. TryingMission and Vision: Grow2012-01-15 1 Corinthians 9:24-27ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonAbide in JesusMission and Vision: Know2012-01-08 John 15:1-8ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonA Good Watch2012-01-01 Psalm 90ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonHope For Today and TomorrowAdvent: And This is How the Story Goes2011-12-25 Revelation 21:1-5ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonRe-Creation in Nail-Pierced HandsAdvent: And This is How the Story Goes2011-12-18 Jeremiah 31:31-34ListenDownload
AJ SantinoDramatic Change2011-12-11 Luke 2:25-32ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWhat a Mess!Advent: And This is How the Story Goes2011-12-04 Genesis 3:1-24ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWhat a Masterpiece!Advent: And This is How the Story Goes2011-11-27 Genesis 1:1-31ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWho's On Your Christmas List?Advent: And This is How the Story Goes2011-11-24 Luke 12:13-21ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanStorm Shelter2011-11-20 Psalm 91ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonDoes Prayer Really Work?Practices of Passionate Spirituality2011-11-11 Luke 11:1-13ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe Word is SweetPractices of Passionate Spirituality2011-11-06 Psalm 1ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWhom Are You Serving?Practices of Passionate Spirituality2011-10-23 Matthew 6:1-4ListenDownload
John DyksenJESUS: Savior AND Lord2011-10-16 Philippians 2:5-13ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonNot a Good ChristianPractices of Passionate Spirituality2011-10-09 Philippians 3:1-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod is Love!Ingredients of Passionate Spirituality2011-10-02 Psalm 103ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod is Holy!Ingredients of Passionate Spirituality2011-09-25 Isiah 6:1-8ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonGod is Bigger!Ingredients of Passionate Spirituality2011-09-18 Proverbs 9:10ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanJesus is Better!2011-09-11 Hebrews 10:1-18ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanInstallation Service: A Glorious Call and Holy Affection2011-09-11 Hebrews 13:7-21ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanFilling The Hole In Your Heart2011-09-04 Genesis 25-29ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanJacob's Grace2011-08-21 Genesis 34:1-5, 13:18, 24-31ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanA Love That Will Not Let Us Go2011-08-14 2 Samuel 7:1-16ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanWhat God Expects2011-08-07 Luke 17:11-19ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanStanding and Running on God's Promises2011-07-31 1 Samuel 17:26, 32-47ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanAn Endebted Worship2011-07-24 Luke 7:36-50ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanOur God is an Awesome God - HE REIGNS!2011-07-17 Psalm 105:1-11ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanA Tent in Zion2011-07-10 1 Samuel 3-6, 1 Chronicles 15-16ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanHow to Come to Supper2011-07-03 Romans 5:6-11ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanChanged Forever2011-06-26 Acts 8:26-40ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanNo One Else!2011-06-19 Acts 4:1-13ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanYear of Jubilee2011-06-12 Leviticus 25ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanWhite Fields2011-06-05 John 4:1-42ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanHe IS Coming Back!2011-05-22 Philippians 3:12-4:1ListenDownload
AJ SantinoPassion That Last's2011-05-15 Romans 12:11ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanThe Legacy You Leave2011-05-08 Psalm 90ListenDownload
Rev. Gary BekkerLiving Like Stones2011-05-01 1 Peter 2:4-12ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanCrimson Love: Love Provides the Way2011-04-24 1 Chronicles 21ListenDownload
Pastor Dave LymanCrimson Love: Crimson Shield2011-04-22 Various PassagesListenDownload
Dave LymanCrimson Love: Choose Your Lamb2011-04-17 Exodus 12:1-7ListenDownload
Dave LymanCrimson Love: The Great Cover Up2011-04-10 Leviticus 16:6-22ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonWhose Lament is This?2011-04-03 Psalm 69ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanSatisfied Hearts!2011-03-27 Psalm 63ListenDownload
John DyksenOur Radical Messiah2011-03-20 John 1:19-34ListenDownload
Rev. Bruce PersenaireAre You the One?2011-03-13 Matthew 11:1-15ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor RubinghWhat You See is What You Get2011-03-06 Matthew 12:31-32ListenDownload
John MoelkerTo Be Known is to Be Loved2011-02-27 John 4:4-26ListenDownload
Craig BroekTraveling With Jesus2011-02-20 Luke 24:13-35ListenDownload
Pastor Howard VugteveenMercy Not Sacrifice2011-02-13 Matthew 12:1-21ListenDownload
John DyksenNo Dancing Allowed2011-02-06 1 Kings 18:16-40ListenDownload
Dave LymanKnotted Together In Christ2011-01-30 Ecclesiastes 4:4-12ListenDownload
Dave LymanWhy Do We Call Him Father?2011-01-23 2 Samuel 9ListenDownload
Dave LymanDoes God Get Jealous?2011-01-16 Exodus 34:8-15ListenDownload
Pastor Andrew BennetThe Significance of Intercessory PrayerPrayer2008-11-12 1 Timothy 2:1-7ListenDownload
Pastor Jake YohannanInstallation Service2008-09-11 ListenDownload
Rev. Gary BekkerLiving Like Stones2008-05-01 1 Peter 2:4-12ListenDownload
Pastor Howard VugteveenMercy Not Sacrifice2008-02-13 Matthew 12:1-21ListenDownload
John DyksenNo Dancing Allowed2008-02-06 1 Kings 18:16-40ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonThe War TentTo Fear the Lord2008-01-22 Exodus 33:7-11ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonQuestions Satan Asks - What Did God Really Say?2008-01-01 ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonQuestions Satan Asks - What Did God Really Say?2008-01-01 ListenDownload
Pastor Trevor PaytonPower of 2008-01-01 ListenDownload
Pastor Al Schipper2008-01-01 ListenDownload
Pastor Al Schipper2008-01-01 ListenDownload